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Our Mission

To unlock every child's potential, grow leadership skills, and cultivate future global citizens

  • Effective play-based learning. Real results you can see

    Stanford Ph.D.-led team thoughtfully designed a research-based curriculum using engaging games to build knowledge and a global perspective.​ Classes taught by 5000+ teachers rigorously selected globally based on their credentials, expertise and experience with young learners.​

  • Globally-resourced team delivering the best education without borders

    International team that deeply understands the values and needs of parents raising future global citizens. With a global footprint across Asia, North America and Europe, young learners can connect with the world’s best teachers no matter where they live.

  • Cultivate your child's love for lifelong learning across multiple disciplines​

    Learning Chinese and English expands young learners' worldviews and communication skills. Singapore Math program develops critical thinking while music fosters an appreciation for the arts.​ Through multiple subjects, they can explore the world, discover their interests, and unlock their potential.

World-class teachers and curriculum experts

World-class educators dedicated to nurturing your child's personal growth

Effective play-based learning through Propriety Curriculum

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Learn Chinese

All Ages
All Levels
Meets Global Standards

With programs for heritage learners and beginners, our research-based Mandarin Chinese classes are immersive and fun.

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Learn English

Ages 4-15
North American Teachers

Designed to teach English through high-frequency immersive interactions that cultivate listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

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Learn Music

Ages 6-15
Guided Practice
30+ Instruments

Practicing music at home becomes more precise and effective when you can get professional guidance – anytime, from anywhere.

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Learn Math

Ages 5-12
Small Classes
Singapore Math

Help your child advance beyond their grade level by introducing Singaporean modeling methods for mathematical problem-solving.

Potential Unlocked: 400,000 young learners worldwide

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Our family moved to Australia when Carrie was at 3rd grade. We tried to keep her up with Chinese education, but none of local programs meet our needs. During the time, we found out about LingoAce, its 1-on-1 live class and professional program is exactly what we need. Carrie has been learning with LingoAce for 2 years and she recently just passed HSK level 3 test. We are very grateful for LingoAce.

Carrie, Australia

Chinese Advanced Program

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Carrie, Age 11

Chinese Advanced Program

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Jamie, Age 7

English Live Level 2

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Mathew, 6 years old


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Bella, Age 8

Chinese Core Program

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Allen, Age 5

Chinese Pre-school Program

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Mike, Age 7

Chinese International Program

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Emily, Age 8

Chinese Discovery Program

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