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Our effective learning programs are designed by education experts based on international language learning standards.

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Learn Chinese online with our passionate, certified teachers.

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Say "Hello" to the world confidently with our immersive English programs.

The LingoAce Method

Our unique teaching method tap into learners' imagination and creativity to make learning fun.

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LingoAce is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Meet our awesome teachers!

Our team of dedicated, certified, and passionate teachers are the heart of LingoAce. They provide a fun and fulfilling learning environment to bring out the best in every student.

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Jiali Deng

Teaching Chinese since 2012

Master of Linguistics, Southwest University

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Teaching English since 2006

Master of Science-Education, Arkansas State University

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Yingying Wang

Teaching Chinese since 2013

Ph.D. in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Nanjing University

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Teaching English since 2012

Bachelor of Arts, University of Herfordshire

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Xiaobing Wei

Teaching Chinese since 2016

Master of International Chinese Education, Communication University of China

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Lan Jiang

Teaching Chinese since 2016

Master of Education, University of Sydney

Hear From Our Learners and Parents

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We are a bi-lingual family. Allen’s Chinese listening and speaking skill is ok but has very limited reading capability. After trying out LingoAce’s pre-school program, Allen immediately falls in love with the class with its fun curriculum and great teacher. I’m happy to see Allen’s reading skill improved after a few months of learning.

student avatar

Allen, Italy

Allen, Learning Chinese since 2021

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In LingoAce, my kid could have a chance to talk to native teachers, and learn English in a fun way. She's more interested in English and builds more confidence. What really shocked me was, one day, her auntie asked 5 daily questions, and she could answer them without hesitation.

student avatar

Jamie, Japan

Jamie, Learning English since 2021

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Our family moved to Australia when Carrie was at 3rd grade. We tried to keep her up with Chinese education, but none of local programs meet our needs. During the time, we found out about LingoAce, its 1-on-1 live class and professional program is exactly what we need. Carrie has been learning with LingoAce for 2 years and she recently just passed HSK level 3 test. We are very grateful for LingoAce.

student avatar

Carrie, Australia

Carrie, Learning Chinese since 2020

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LingoAce provides fun ways to learn Mandarin and Chinese culture. The teachers are very patient and gentle. My children feel close to them. Indeed, they have a lot of experience and utilize different methods to get students to engage in the class. For my children, of course, love the games and cartoons the most.

student avatar

Bella, United States

Bella, Learning Chinese since 2021

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We like LingoAce’s tailor-made curriculum design for oversea Chinese families. Emily’s teacher is fun and engaging, and is very suitable for Emily. We also like LingoAce’s homework, with varios formats such as writing, reading, and recording to comprehensively improve Emily’s Chinese.

student avatar

Emily, United States

Emily, Learning Chinese since 2020

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Growing up in an English only environment, Mike barely had any exposure to Chinese. It’s not until my family member reminded me that I realized it was time for him to start learning Chinese. LingoAce’s classes are fun and engaging, and with teacher’s full attention during 1-on-1 classes, Mike’s Chinese improved rapidly. He was able to read independently and speak more fluently. He got the 3rd prize in local Chinese Recitation Contest 2 months ago.

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Mike, United Kingdom

Mike, Learning Chinese since 2019

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