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Language enables one to unlock enriching adventures and we cannot wait for our young learners to discover theirs. Yet, we know languages, Chinese in particular, are not easy to grasp and have thus set about to bridge that connection.

Authentic, engaging and effective language-learning for young digital natives


To connect global young learners to future possibilities through authentic language learning.


To enrich every learning moment of our global young learners through a tech-enabled, authentic and engaging language curriculum.

LingoAce links the world through language

LingoAce’s story

We passionately believe that language fluencies provide a wider access to opportunities in our interconnected world. As a bilingual global citizen, I have a personal appreciation of how language capabilities broaden ones’ horizons and brings new possibilities and friendships.

But as a parent, I witnessed the Chinese language-learning challenges encountered by my children growing up in a non-immersive and digitalized environment. Traditional methods of language teaching also limited to available teaching talents and curriculum resources within the country. Their non-interactive and overwhelming methods of delivery further dampen a child’s interest to learn.

LingoAce was initiated to bridge connections in and through language-learning. We endeavour to make language-learning engaging to young digital natives, while fulfilling added key objectives of a parent, such as credible, authentic and effective learning. We seek to leverage technology to resource the most appropriate classrooms to overcome learning barriers, making it more inspiring for young learners to catch on our passion for languages.

Since its inception, the LingoAce team has grown. We’ve added curriculum specialists and creative designers who bring-to-life our curriculum, professionally certified native-speaking teachers who understand local nuances, and a community of course consultants and learning advisors who partners our parents across the entire learning journey. We are excited to have the opportunity to deliver these learning experiences to your child!

Hugh Yao
Founder, CEO, Engineer
Father of 2 (and The LingoAce team!)

Hugh Yeo with Tigo on shoulder

LingoAce’s milestones

  • 500,000+ classes taught
  • 70,000+ students worldwide 
  • 2000+ teachers 

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2017LingoAce logo on building

Established LingoAce and launched first product

  • August 2017, LingoAce is established in Singapore.
  • December, LingoAce launched Advanced Program.

2018LogoAce Logo on Beijing office door

Established Beijing Operation Centre and secured funding

  • September 2018, LingoAce received funding from Decent Capital Angel Funding.
  • November, LingoAce established Beijing Operation Centre.

2019Different screens of a LingoAce program on tablet

Launched new product and established training centre

  • March 2019, LingoAce launched International Program.
  • October, established Wuhan Teaching and Training Centre.
  • December, established Los Angeles Operational Centre.

2020LingoAce Indonesia team]

Establish offices in South East Asia

  • January 2020, LingoAce launched Singapore Program and, in November, Pre-school Program.
  • Established Indonesia and Thailand offices.
  • Received $13 million funding from Shunwei Capital and Sequoia Capital India

How our curriculum comes to life

We take our curriculum development very seriously and have deliberately chosen to build our own in-house capabilities consisting of global curriculum specialists and creative designers.
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