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Language unlocks opportunities. We understand the challenges of learning a new language. That’s why we set out ​to transform the way we engage our modern young learners – making learning languages fun and fulfilling.

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We make languages come alive ​for the modern young learner

To open up future possibilities in this interconnected world through authentic language learning.

To enrich every learning moment for the modern young learner through technology, greater immersion and enjoyment in language learning.

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We take language learning to the next level​ ​

At LingoAce, we believe language fluency unlocks opportunities in our interconnected world. And as a bilingual global citizen, I’ve experienced how language capabilities have opened new doors and possibilities for myself.​

But as a parent, I witnessed firsthand how challenging it was for my children to learn Chinese through traditional methods. ​

Not only were the old ways of teaching non-interactive, but it was also non-immersive, rote-based and overwhelming for the modern young learner who grew up in a digital world.​

That’s why we started LingoAce.​

At LingoAce, we bring language learning to life through a specially designed curriculum for our modern young learners.

Bringing you the best of all worlds, we leverage technology, small class sizes, authentic materials, creative illustrations, gamification, interactivity, and professionally certified, native-speaking teachers to deliver the most engaging and effective learning experiences.

Through LingoAce, your child will be able to unlock new opportunities and bridge connections through language learning. ​

And we’ll be there, by your child’s side, ​
every step of the learning journey. 

Let’s get learning!

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Bringing our curriculum to life

Learning is all in the details. Every LingoAce class is carefully developed in-house by our team of global curriculum specialists and creative designers. Nothing ​is left to chance when it comes to learning with LingoAce.

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