Is Learning Mandarin Chinese Online Effective? The Advantages of E-Learning


Learning Mandarin Chinese these days guarantees promising outcomes. But the real question is why you should learn Mandarin Chinese online rather than taking in-person classes? Children often emphasize taking courses in person, but as the times have changed, online learning has become the new trend of education for learners around the globe.

Learning Mandarin Chinese online would be an effective activity out of many things that one can do in their spare time. Whether a learner is searching for another academic quality, new professional abilities, or just a new perspective in life, all this can easily be done online from the comfort of your home.

Why Should You Learn Mandarin Chinese Online?

Many children around the globe, from different countries and cultures, choose to learn Mandarin Chinese. Although most people find it challenging to learn the language initially, the following three highlights have made children learn the language:

Worldwide Phenomenon

An ever-increasing number of individuals are hopping onto the language. It is the motivation behind why many online Mandarin Chinese courses are seeing a rise in the number of students. Learning Mandarin Chinese has turned into a worldwide phenomenon because the language is now recognized all around the globe, and it has several practical applications in day-to-day life.


The justification for why there is an unexpected rise of interest in the language is simply because of its several applications. China plays a significant role in foreign exchange and trade, and this process is mainly carried out in Mandarin Chinese.

Today, one out of five international organizations has an office or headquarters in China. So clearly, learning Mandarin Chinese can give anyone a tremendous benefit in the business and corporate world. It eliminates the language barrier and enables individuals to communicate in multiple languages.

Rich Culture and History

China is probably the most established country on the planet. With more than 8,000 years of history, there is no question why individuals across the globe are taking an exceptional interest in its rich culture and history.

It is astounding how the characters of the Mandarin Chinese language were shaped or connected to form a sentence. Learning the language will assist you with unwinding the numerous secrets of Chinese culture. Any curious child can get a brief look at this country’s rich culture and history once they develop fluency in the language.

How is Learning Mandarin Chinese Online Effective?

Learning Chinese online can be more effective than learning via in-person classes. While taking an in-person course at a language school, the learner has an educator to speak and practice speaking and listening to each class period.

The educator may also keep the learner responsible for schoolwork tasks and correct their grammatical and pronunciation mistakes face to face. However, learning Mandarin Chinese in physical classes can feel exhausting for children when they are in the same room with many other students. Students do not continuously get the one-on-one attention they want to advance in such classrooms.

Whenever children opt to learn Mandarin Chinese online, they can go at their own pace; they do not need to continue until they are prepared and can learn at any time as per their preference. Online Mandarin Chinese classes allow the learners to interact with experienced teachers one-on-one.

In online classes, learners can concentrate on every concept without having the pressure of performing well in front of their classmates or the tutor. With online tutoring for Mandarin Chinese, a tutor can provide the learner with essential suggestions and correct their mistakes whenever required. This permits their conversational abilities to move along quickly.

Advantages of Learning Mandarin Chinese Online

The most significant advantage of learning Mandarin Chinese online is the remote access to online classes. Young children would never need to travel a distance to reach their physical classes. This saves their time, money, and efforts towards learning the new language. Concentrating on online classes also brings many other benefits like well-researched study materials.

Apart from this, the video and audio study materials available online can be replayed continuously until a learner can grasp the concept. Online Mandarin Chinese classes promote dynamic and autonomous learning as the learner does not have to rely upon anybody else. They can prepare themselves at whatever point they need to, and they will constantly get support and guidance from their tutors.

Also, suppose the study material that is available online is not enough for learners. In that case, they can get in touch with their tutor anytime and from anywhere over a video call. Such facilities help children clear their doubts and answer their questions as soon as possible.

Other benefits of learning Mandarin Chinese Online include:

  • It is less expensive to learn Chinese online – Online courses range from free to $30 every month to more than $100 for a whole course. Signing up for a language course at a college is expensive, and purchasing required reading material needs even more money. Mandarin Chinese language schools are also costly. Comparatively, online courses are cheaper and more affordable as they also cut off any other expenses and can be managed with children’s school expenses.
  • Online Chinese classes ensure safety – In current times where the risk of Coronavirus infection still exists, online classes ensure the safety and wellbeing of children as they can stay at their homes and take classes without moving outside.
  • It is more adaptable to a learner’s timetable – A learner can learn Mandarin Chinese online anytime they need to, during midday breaks or nights, and for 30 minutes every day or 2 hours per week. The decision is entirely upon the individual, making online classes more adaptable.


Mandarin Chinese is recognized all around the globe. The applications of this language are endless, and learning it in the 21st century can be a good decision. The language has a great history and it has become a global phenomenon.

Many students are confused about getting started to learn Mandarin Chinese, and most people prefer to learn online. E-learning has unique advantages that are highly beneficial for a learner to improve children’s productivity, learning capacity, and effectiveness.

If you want to help your child to get started with the Mandarin Chinese language, sign them up for a free trial lesson with us today.

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