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LingoAce celebrates six years of prioritizing 'Learners First'

By LingoAce Team |US |August 14, 2023

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LingoAce was founded in 2017 in Singapore, built on a father’s dream of creating a global online classroom where young learners can learn from the best – no matter where they live. Six years ago today, we successfully taught our first online class with our first students and teachers.

Today, we’ve taught more than 10 million classes to students from more than 100 countries and have a roster of more than 5,000 professional teachers. We celebrate that first milestone every year as a reminder of our commitment to putting learners first, prioritizing their needs in everything we do.

This is what sets LingoAce apart. We are steadfast in our commitment to developing our own proprietary research-backed curriculum and seamless virtual classroom. More importantly, we want every learner to cultivate a life-long love for learning. That’s why we make sure every student is paired with the best teacher and best program for their learning needs.

As a company, we aspire to move the education industry forward globally as we expand our offerings to even more learners around the world. Here’s to going further, together!


Six years of unwavering progress, with excellence as our guiding light.


Six years of growth, advancing our mission, poised to soar.


Six years of evolution, discovery, and global leadership.

In reflecting on the past six years, we are so proud of how far we’ve come as a global edtech company:

10+ million classes taught worldwide

Since launching in 2017, LingoAce’s award-winning pre-K-12 online learning platform has been largely driven by word-of-mouth among Chinese diaspora families around the world. In June, we celebrated a significant milestone having taught 10+ million classes to students from 100+ countries.

Nearly 200 hours of development in every lesson

LingoAce invests heavily in developing our own curriculum in-house to ensure every lesson is highly effective, fun, and time well spent. For instance, every LingoAce lesson in our Chinese language learning program is the product of nearly 200 hours of curriculum design, teacher training and quality control.

Global edtech team spanning 3 continents

Serving our learners around the world is a global team in Asia, North America, and Europe. With our headquarters in Singapore, we have offices and operators throughout the United States, Southeast Asia, Europe, and China.

4 learning programs: Chinese, English, math & music

We expanded beyond world languages with math and music. Today, LingoAce Math is unlocking the full math potential of children with the famed Singapore math curriculum. Meanwhile, LingoAce Music introduces our signature personalized online instruction for piano, violin and more.

5,000+ teachers serving students worldwide

We have the best teachers in the world for teaching languages, math and music. Through their commitment to our learners, we’re making it possible for children to learn from the best – no matter where they live.

6 years of Learners First: our beginning, our future 

Since the beginning, we have been steadfast in our commitment to our learners – which continues today and tomorrow. This is rooted in our belief that our students’ time is precious. Therefore, it is critical that they are always getting the most out of their learning experience with LingoAce.

To our students and their parents – thank you for learning with us and for putting your trust in us. To our teachers – thank you for your contributions, dedication, and effort to making learning online engaging and effective for learners around the world.

To every LingoAcer – thank for being part of our journey thus far. We are grateful for your commitment to our learners and teachers, and to advancing the education industry globally. Thank you for always putting learners first.

LingoAce makes it possible to learn from the best. Co-founded by a parent and a teacher, our award-winning online learning platform makes learning Chinese, English, math, and music fun and effective. Founded in 2017, LingoAce has a roster of more than 4,000 professionally certified teachers and has taught more than 10 million classes to PreK-12 students in more than 100 countries.

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