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Upleveling Core and Discovery: LingoAce upgrades popular Chinese language learning programs for kids

By LingoAce Team |US |May 17, 2023

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At LingoAce, we want to make it possible for children to learn from the best – no matter where they live. Since launching in 2017, “learners first” has been a core value at our company. We prioritize their needs in everything we do.

Today, we offer Chinese language learning programs for all levels of learners from preschoolers to young teens. Even now, we continue to invest heavily in teacher training and curriculum development to ensure every lesson is highly effective, fun, and time well spent.

This is what sets LingoAce apart from any other language learning program for children. Our relentless commitment to refining our curriculum and teaching methods is unmatched. Each LingoAce lesson is the product of nearly 200 hours of curriculum development, teacher training and quality control. We are also constantly reviewing how each lesson resonates with students: Are they having fun? Are they able to understand and retain what they’ve learned? How are teachers engaging with students through the lesson?

Our teaching and curriculum team is made up of language learning experts from around the world and led by Dr. Xiaoqiu Xu, who holds a Ph.D. in educational psychology from Stanford University and specializes in second language acquisition, assessment, and educational technology. With a deep and personal understanding of the learning needs of students growing up outside the Chinese-speaking world, the team has expertly designed each lesson to suit the learning needs for children at all levels.

Through the sweat and tears of many teams at LingoAce, we are proud to announce several major upgrades to our most popular Chinese language learning programs: Core and Discovery.

Discovery Program


Designed to build fluency for children ages 5-15 from Chinese-speaking families. Not only will they become more confident speakers, but they will also develop reading and writing skills. The program has been redesigned to lay the foundation needed to understand and appreciate classic Chinese poems, idioms, and literature. Students will be equipped to pass proficiency tests such as AP Chinese, Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), and more.

Each class now features an engaging picture book, designed to teach students to become independent readers. Each picture book was created for each lesson and is structured to help students retain newly learned vocabulary and reinforced character recognition from previous lessons.

In addition to the gamified courseware that LingoAce is known for, classes will also incorporate project-based learning to help students learn to write critically and creatively in Chinese.

Core Program


Designed to build a strong foundation for children ages 6-15 with little-to-no exposure to the Chinese language. Step by step, students will build their abilities to speak, listen, read, and write through games, animated storytelling, and songs.

Using big data insights on world language learning, the program leverages the learning techniques that are proven most effective for learning a secondary language. The program aligns to global teaching and learning standards including the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Language Proficiency Standards (ACTFL), the Chinese Test Standards for Primary and Secondary School Students (YCT), the Chinese Proficiency Test Standards (HSK), and the 21st Century Skills Standards.

Since launching more than a year ago, we have taken the learnings and feedback from our students and teachers to restructure the course into a more effective program. From level 3 and beyond, classes have been redesigned as a 55-minute class, allowing students more time to engage with their teachers and learn more words and phrases during each lesson. Levels 1 and 2 will continue to offer 25-minute classes for younger students who learn better in smaller spurts.

With these notable upgrades to the Core and Discovery programs, we feel confident that LingoAce will be able to help even more children advance their Chinese language abilities and broaden their understanding of Chinese culture. Upwards and onwards!

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