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Meet Bronson - How LingoAce’s platform caters to students across the spectrum

By LingoAce Team |US |June 11, 2022

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In honor of Children’s Day in the U.S., we at LingoAce wanted to highlight one of our current Foundation Program students, Bronson.

Bronson is an autistic student from Pennsylvania who has always had a passion for words. Since he was a little boy, Bronson has loved learning new words, learning how to describe objects, and learning the names of new things in his life. As Bronson continued to expand his vocabulary, his interest in words evolved into a love of languages. At the age of five, Bronson dove into the world of language learning with in-person Spanish lessons. As his Spanish skills grew stronger, Bronson began expressing interest in learning additional languages, including Mandarin Chinese. Soon after this conversation, Bronson’s mother, Mary, learned about LingoAce.

Mary was initially drawn to LingoAce’s bright colored, kid-friendly appearance, leading her to look further into the platform. Despite learners with autism often being more sensitive to changes in their environment, Mary began noticing how well Bronson was able to focus on his school lessons now that they were being taught through virtual platforms. Considering his success with online learning, Mary knew that a virtual language learning platform would be the best option for her son.

In July 2021, Bronson began attending weekly, virtual lessons through LingoAce’s Foundation Program. From the beginning of Bronson’s time at LingoAce, Mary, and all three of his teachers have worked together to establish attainable learning goals for Bronson.

As a child with Autism, Bronson’s verbal communication skills are quite limited. While he is able to effectively communicate his needs, Bronson has trouble expressing more complex thoughts or sentences. Considering his current communication skill level, his love for language learning is very special.

At LingoAce, we understand the immense responsibility we have to ensure each of our students receives a fair and appropriate education. By nurturing each child’s specific needs, we are able to unlock future opportunities and help instill a sense of belonging through language learning. We are so proud to have Bronson as one of our students and look forward to seeing his Mandarin Chinese vocabulary continue to grow.


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