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PSLE is changing! How should my child’s learning of Chinese change?

By LingoAce Team |US |August 20, 2021

Learning Chinese

This is a follow up article to one of our earlier posts, PSLE Chinese Paper under the New Scoring System: tougher or easier?

The PSLE changes made by MOE are in response to the developments of the nation’s educational needs. The new scoring system was introduced with the aim to help children discover and develop their strengths and interests, creating genuine interest in learning while moving away from too much emphasis on academic results.

In short, real learning needs to happen. Learning that’s not about the school of choice or the grades on the result sheet. Instead, one that truly propels our children towards a level of confidence in communication that will empower them not only to survive in the global arena but to enjoy the sense of fulfilment and joy that comes with being able to communicate in Chinese at native level.

Is your child receiving the support they need to cope with the shifts in the education curriculum?

How should my child adapt to the new PSLE system?

As parents, the time is ripe to review the way your child currently learns.

While you are reviewing your child’s Chinese language needs, don’t just think of getting them to get good PSLE grades. Instead, here are a few tips on how to help your child learn better:

Plan Forward Tip #1 - Go deep in learning


Deep learning increases children’s potential to ‘level-up’. In this day and age, skills-based modules are the way forward. Children not just need to know how to read and write, but also need to understand the “why” behind it.

Pro-Tip: With the increased emphasis on comprehension and communicating in PSLE, do find a learning center that encourages learners to gain understanding for what they are learning, rather than rote-learning and regurgitating memorized answers.

Useful note: After the changes to the new PSLE format, it's important to pick educators who have the dedicated resources to equip students with advanced Chinese proficiency. Through personalized component-based improvement, they can empower learners to deepen their learning and enrich the experience. When students are encouraged to apply the skills and techniques they learn during lessons and teachers helping with learning gaps, needed skills can be reinforced.

Plan Forward Tip #2 - Each child is different. Cater to your child’s specific needs


In a world so full of change and where things are going to evolve even more rapidly, your child should feel like they can learn at their own pace and receive the joy of true learning. This foundation will build their self-confidence. This will help them in what they face in the future, beyond school.

Pro-tip: Send your child to a school that helps learners feel that they are in control of their own pace of learning and builds a real curiosity towards what they are learning of the language. Pick a learning center that grows and adapts to your child’s needs -- one that adapts lessons using AI, updates in the education system and lesson feedback.

Useful note: The new PSLE scoring system aims to put more emphasis on how the students have done relative to learning objectives of the curriculum rather than to their peers. That alleviates the unhealthy (yet subconscious) comparison among students (and their parents). Seek educators who keep up to date with and have revamped their syllabus to align with the changes by MOE. With intentional effort comes effective outcomes. In your search for an educator, you won’t want just any teaching system. You need one that’s culturally aware and swift to adopt new practices while keeping to their tried and tested established modes of learning (pedagogy). A good Chinese curriculum in today’s modern age must prepare your child for the future. The burden of equipping your child for the future of learning online can be partially shouldered by your selected Chinese language school.

Plan Forward Tip #3 - Be bold to cut what doesn’t work


We have to stop cramming our children's schedules full of classes! Having shorter bursts of classes which can be planned around the family’s schedule will be a perfect balance for the growth and development of your child.

Find a curriculum that truly supports your child’s learning, especially with the new PSLE grading system. All else that doesn’t cut it - cut from your child’s schedule.

Learning is all about the process of growing in techniques and skills. As parents, we need to help our children by empowering them with the environment they need to build competency in weaker subjects, while focusing on the actual learning and understanding - the development of their minds as opposed to cramming subjects.

As our children gradually gain a sense of fulfilment from their mini-milestones and learning achievements, that’s where they can find enjoyment in the learning experience. This can only be done when we as parents first adopt a growth mindset to planning for their future.

Pro-tip: Pick a learning center that keeps classes to an optimal length, one that is just right for your child’s attention span. There is no point to make a lesson longer than it should be when your child is unable to absorb what is being taught.

New PSLE system, New Possibilities

As a mom or dad, how do you ensure your child doesn’t get lost or face a necessary disadvantage when faced with the effects of the 2021 PSLE scoring system? With hardly any spare time in our busy schedules as parents, it takes a lot to spend dedicated hours each day teaching your children.

Let a good learning provider help support you and make the learning journey an enjoyable one for you and your child.

The Right Learning Partner For Your Child

  1. The new PSLE scoring system places more emphasis on how students have done, relative to learning objectives of the curriculum, rather than how they have done comparing to their peers. That alleviates the unhealthy (yet subconscious) comparison among students (and their parents). Seek educators who keep up to date with and have revamped their syllabus to align with the changes by MOE.

  2. It will take time for mindsets to change and patterns of learning to evolve. In the middle of uncertain times, let us seek to make our children’s learning more enjoyable, not more stressful.

  3. Pick educators who have dedicated resources to equip students through personalized component-based improvement. The right educator empowers learners through application during learning. Students will find it easier to pick up language skills when they apply what they learn during lessons.

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