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Nail your first impression: 7 different ways to introduce yourself in Chinese

By LingoAce Team |US |July 7, 2023

Learning Chinese

Has your child learned some Chinese? Whether your child is just starting to learn common fruits in Chinese or is learning to master pinyin, for every proficiency level. They will need to introduce themselves when they meet new friends on the playground, at their new piano class, or during a playdate.

Introductions are also an important part of improving your child’s language skills and building their confidence in the language. If your child is still a bit unsure of their language skills, we suggest practicing their self-introduction in front of the mirror to build self-assurance and poise. Once they feel more confident, they can start introducing themselves in front of family and friends. The small steps they take on their language journey are important!

Learn how to introduce yourself, or “自我介绍 (zì wǒ jiè shào)” in Chinese

Let’s learn 7 easy sentences your child needs to know to introduce themselves in Chinese.

#1: Learn how to say your name in Chinese

The first step of introducing yourself is to tell someone your name. We’ve included two ways to say your name in this article. This one is a bit more formal and would be used when your child introduces themselves to adults, especially their teachers.

Chinese: 你好,我的全名是Tigo。

Pinyin: Nǐ hǎo, wǒ de quán míng shì Tigo.

Translation: Hello, my full name is Tigo.

#2: Learn how to say your nickname in Chinese

The other way to tell someone your name is a bit more casual. After all, your child’s nickname isn’t a formal introduction. This is a fun way for your child to introduce themselves to new friends and their peers.

Chinese: 我的昵称是Tigo。

Pinyin: Wǒ de nìchēng shì Tigo.

Translation: My nickname is Tigo.

#3: Learn how to say you are a student in Chinese

What you do with most of your time is a key part of any introduction. Since your child’s current occupation is studying, we’ve included how to tell someone you are in school in this essential guide to self-introduction.

Chinese: 我在LingoAce 学习。

Pinyin: Wǒ zài LingoAce xuéxí.

Translation: I go to school at LingoAce.

#4: Learn how to say your grade in Chinese

“What grade are you in?” is a key question in a conversation between children. In Chinese, grades are indicated by their number + 年级niánjí . So, first grade would be 一yī (1) + 年级niánjí = 一年级.

Chinese: 我是四年级学生。

Pinyin: Wǒ shì sì niánjí xuéshēng.

Translation: I'm a fourth grader.

Are you in a different grade? No worries! Just replace the number with your grade. Find out how to say your grade by learning your numbers in our counting to 10 article.

#5: Learn how to say your favorite fruit in Chinese

Who doesn’t love fruit? We’ve included our favorite fruit as an essential basic sentence to introduce yourself. Don’t like strawberries? Replace it with your favorite fruit. We’ve included a list of common fruits and popular Asian fruits for your child to learn.

Chinese: 我真的很喜欢草莓,你也喜欢吗?

Pinyin: Wǒ zhēn de hěn xǐhuān cǎoméi, nǐ yě xǐhuān ma?

Translation: I really love strawberries, do you?

#6: Learn how to say the country where you are from in Chinese

What country we are from has a huge impact on our identity and culture. If your child is from the U.S., then you can even change United States to their state or city.

Chinese: 我来自并住在美国。

Pinyin: Wǒ láizì bìng zhù zài Měiguó.

Translation: I come from and live in the United States.

#7: Learn how to say your hobbies in Chinese

Hobbies are important. They help your child connect with new friends based on similar interests. We’ve put studying Chinese and playing as our hobbies. Encourage your child to learn new words based on their hobbies and include them when they introduce themselves.

Chinese: 我的爱好是学习中文和玩耍。

Pinyin: Wǒ de àihào shì xuéxí zhōngwén hé wánshuǎ.

Translation: My hobbies are studying Chinese and playing.

Now your child knows 7 easy sentences to introduce themselves in Chinese! These phrases will come in handy whenever your child meets a new friend.

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