Curriculum Development

We take our curriculum development very seriously and have deliberately chosen to build our own in-house capabilities consisting of global curriculum specialists and creative designers.

LingoAce Curriculum Specialists

LingoAce Curriculum Specialists are uniquely skilled at breaking down difficult concepts within the globally accredited syllabuses for our global learners.

Our team has an average of more than 10 years’ experience in teaching and comprises Master and PhD graduates in Chinese language, Chinese teaching to non-native speakers, Education, Child-psychology from globally acclaimed universities such as National University of Singapore, Beijing Language and Culture University and New York University. Their in-depth study on the Chinese language coupled with their global perspectives help them develop bite-size, methodology-backed rigorous lessons targeted to address the unique challenges encountered by non-native speakers learners.

Our rigorous curriculum development

A 55-minutes class takes at least 9 days from curriculum creation to courseware. Our courseware is also constantly refreshed to integrate new teaching philosophy and research.

1. Creation of Lesson Plan

create lesson plan

Related in-depth study of globally-accredited curriculum content to learners’ profile and latest education methodology

Breaking down curriculum to bite-size portions and enhance each lesson’s objective

2. Creation of Content

content creation

Our course material, inclusive of homework, is crafted to methodologically stimulate student’s thinking and assist memory retention post-lessons

3. Interaction Integration

interaction integration

LingoAce classes incorporate gamification and digital and student-teacher interactions to capture young learner’s attention and make language-learning more engaging and motivating

4. Illustration


Our creative designers then illustrate the courseware to make learning visually appealing – whoever said only cartoons look good?

5. Test Before Live

test before live

Teacher team will evaluate materials, feedback to edit curriculum teach

Prior to going live, the courseware is evaluated by teaching team and further refined upon feedback