LingoAce Differences

At LingoAce, we put emphasis on creating an optimal environment for learning Chinese – authentic, engaging, effective, convenient and transparent.

Leveraging technology to overcome traditional learning barriers

To provide a conducive learning environment for our students and parents, we designed our programs and classes to have these characteristics

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Small size class with more attentive focus on learners

Choice of one-to-one undivided attention, or one-to-four class size for conducive peer-to-peer interactivity.
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Engaging and interactive classes and homework to reinforce learning

Our teachers specifically trained to connect with young learners. Animation and creative illustrations incorporating authentic Chinese elements, gamification, role-playing, multimedia and sound effects are incorporated.
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High-frequency, bite-size, convenient classes to simulate immersive, conducive learning

Optimized duration (55 mins, 25 mins for younger learners), once/twice weekly home-based learning.

Reallocate class-shuttling time to learning itself.

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Live teaching for real-time correction and interaction

Compared to pre-recorded classes, our teachers do on-the-spot teaching and guidance to facilitate learning.
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Transparent progress reports and playback

We involve parents through regular detailed reports with performance insights, strengths and areas to work on.

Playback of each class provides parents a non-invasive way to personally assess the learning progress

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In-house developed platform

LingoAce develops our own platform (versus simply hosting on third-party video platforms) to ensure an optimal learning experience.

The LingoAce Difference

At LingoAce, we put emphasis on creating an optimal environment for learning Chinese – authentic, engaging, effective, convenient and transparent.
Comparing LingoAce with other alternatives



Other online platforms

Offline Chinese schools

Learning methods

  • Personalized
  • small class-size of under 4 pax
  • Fellow learners in class differ in language proficiencies
  • dragging down overall learning efficiencies
  • Large class sizes of 8 or more
  • limited capacity to address individual needs

Lesson scheduling

  • Flexible scheduling according to progress and learner’s availability
  • no time wasted on the roads
  • Limited slots, requires advance booking
  • no time wasted on the roads
  • Fixed timings
  • requires travelling

Teachers Credibility

  • Choice of native Chinese-speaking teachers with dual certification in Mandarin proficiency and teaching
  • undergoes in-house training
  • Assigned teachers with inconsistent qualifications
  • limited or no investment in trainings
  • Teacher resources are in short supply, mainly part-time, very unstable

Teaching Curriculum

  • In-house developed
  • aligned with choice of globally-authoritative curriculums
  • frequently refined according to learners’ responses to ensure learning is properly benchmarked and effective
  • May not be pegged to recognized curriculum
  • no choice of curriculum to suit learners’ goals and proficiency
  • Teaching materials often  reused year-on-year
  • not update real-time base on learners’ responses due to bulk-printing
  • may not be pegged to recognized curriculum

Incorporation of engaging multimedia

  • Animation, gamification etc. incorporated to make both learning and homework content more engaging and motivating
  • Traditional text-based teaching, with simple animation and gamification
  • Traditional text-based teaching, with heavy emphasis on memorizing and tests


  • Given and reviewed each lesson
  • illustrated and methodologically crafted homework to reinforce memory of lesson concepts and difficult words
  • May not be given, reviewed, methodologically crafted or illustrated
  • Traditional, boring text-based worksheets purely on spelling, dictation

Learning Duration

  • Optimized 55 mins classes, higher frequency in a week, for immersive, effective and comprehensive learning
  • 25 mins classes too short and fragmented for conducive learning
  • Once a week, overwhelming 1.5 – 3 hours long for young learners

Transparent progress tracking

  • Regular, detailed progress reports with video playback of all lessons to track learning improvements and updates from dedicated learning advisor
  • Simple progress reports, may not have dedicated learning advisors
  • Parents have no direct access to lessons and child’s responses

Course Guarantee

  • No-questions-asked refund policy, no expiry limit to usage
  • Complicated refund procedures and terms
  • Does not support refund

Team of passionate, professional teachers

Our 2000+ teachers are recruited at 5% application success rate. They have prior teaching experiences, are 100% qualified with teaching certifications, degree holders, and native-speakers with a minimum of level “2-A” in Putonghua Proficiency Test.
Mother and asian kid little girl learning and looking at laptop computer making homework studying knowledge with online education e-learning system

Pegged to globally accredited syllabus

We recognize that every learner is unique and offer various globally accredited syllabus to cater to their diverse needs. Our dedicated curriculum specialists leverage proven teaching and latest learning methodologies to bring-to-life official syllabuses.

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Learning with LingoAce

Online learning might be new to some, but we’ve been at it for years to have optimized a seamless experience focused on learning itself.

Concept Family. Familys are drawing activities in the home. Family is doing happy activities. Parents are teaching drawing children