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No other program can help you learn Chinese as efficiently, fast and with so much fun as LingoAce. Online or off, LingoAce's unique combination of flexible, on-the-go learning, structured yet adaptable curriculums, and interactive methodology can't be beaten.


Every Class, Every Time: The Four

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International Program

Our fun and engaging International program builds a solid foundation and will have your student speaking Chinese in no-time! Our curriculum is built to directly correlate with the official Youth Chinese Test (YCT) syllabus, gradually moving students through each of the four levels to build skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Soon, students are communicating fluently with confidence.

Advanced Program

Aligned with China’s own Ministry of Education programs, our Advanced program is perfect for students with a strong foundation in Chinese. This black-belt program focuses on cultural heritage and advanced application skills. Students will be able to comprehend even complex Chinese passages, discuss specific topics, and accurately write opinion pieces.

Level 1 & 2 (Basic)

Basic pronunciation and speaking skills

1. Cultivate interest in the language and understand simple classroom instructions or conversations in daily life.

2. Basic oral communication skills, such as greetings, titles, introductions and how to ask and answer questions.

3. Instill good Chinese speaking habits to help students express themselves in daily life.

Level 3 & 4 (Intermediate)

Entry-level reading & writing, Conversational oral communication

1. Practice reading and comprehension by looking into slightly complex Chinese passages.

2. Learn the meaning of simple idioms and sayings.

3. Communicate regarding basic topics with native Chinese speakers without much difficulty.

Level 5 & 6 (Advanced)

Conversational oral commnunication, Long-form reading & writing

1. Progress through more difficult topics and train up comprehension level of common daily discourse.

2. Able to easily grasp key details when reading or listening to Chinese.

3. Independently understand the meaning and structure of more complex Chinese passages.

4. Describe specific topics or accurately write out opinions in complete sentences.


Did You Know?

The LingoAce program was designed to directly correlate with the official Youth Chinese Test (YCT) syllabus created by the Confucius Insitute Headquarters in association with the Chinese Ministry of Education. Designed specifically for non-native Chinese speakers, our curriculum takes a fun approach to learn Chinese the right way!

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