Professional Teachers with a Passion for Teaching

LingoAce teachers are just that - actual certified teachers from private and public education institutions in China. 100% of our teachers hold teaching certificates. And with specialties in language,literature,linguistics and culture,they know how to bring the Chinese language to life!


Experienced Teachers for a Better Learning Experience!

With years of classroom experience and students in over 100 countries, LingoAce teachers know how to adapt the curriculum to each student's individual level,pace and learning style,even their cultural background.LingoAce students receive the motivation and personalized experience they need to succeed!

All LingoAce teachers have attained a minimum of level-2A on the Putonghua Proficiency Test.


Putonghua Proficiency Test:
Because "Native" is Not Enough.

In every language, in every country,each region has its own unique way of speaking. Whether it's Boston or Texas,London or Dubin, some accents are unmistakable.The same true in China,with each region having its own way of speaking and its own unique accent.

That's where the Putonghhua Proficiency Test comes in. This official test for native Chinese speakers measures spoken fluency in "Standard Chinese", including pronunciation,vocabulary and syntax.Certain levels of achievement are required for many jobs in broadcasting, education and government.

All LingoAce teachers have attained a minimum of level "2A" on the Putonghua Proficiency Test, ensuring our students are not just learning how to speak Chinese,but learning to speaking Chinese correctly.

Meet the Teachers

LingoAce teacher - "Laoshi," as thery're called in Chinese - are a talented team! These dedicated professionals have passed multiple rounds of screening and gone through extensive training. But most importantly ,they love what they do - and it shows!


Teaching has been a passion for me for over 3 years. I like to share Chinese language and culture with my students, and they are wonderful.


See for Yourself.

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