Give Your Child a Head-Start in Life.

The benefits of learning a second language go far beyond just the ability to talk to people from other countries. Helping your child learn a second language really is a gift for their lifetime.

  • Boost Their Brain Power.

    Learning a second language develops your child’s ability to think conceptually, problem-solve, and become proficient at switching tasks easily. It boosts the brain’s creative capacity, raises overall intelligence, and improves decision- making skills, while simultaneously creating better concentration skills and significantly improving memory – all of which lead to greater success in other school subjects as well. Long-term, bilingual students develop a deeper understanding of other cultures and enjoy increased career options. As they get older, their brain even becomes more resistant to dementia and Alzheimer’s!

  • Open a New World of Possibilities.

    You may be wondering why Chinese as opposed to a more “traditional” second-language such as Spanish or French? But one of the reasons kids learning Chinese is precisely because it is so different! With beautiful handwriting, a melodic spoken language and poetic phrasing, it’s a fun, exciting new world they’ve never experienced before. And with LingoAce, your child will not only learn the Chinese language, but Chinese cultures as well – it’s splendid traditions, fascinating history, and unique arts and literature. As the most spoken language in the world, learning Chinese provides your child with a multitude of career opportunities as well – both at home and abroad.

  • Learning has Never Been Easier – or More Effective.

    The convenience of online learning means no more shuttling kids back and forth to after-school classes. You’ve got enough going on in your busy day! With LingoAce’s one-on-one classes, your child gets the individualized, personalized attention they need to succeed.

What Makes LingoAce Different?

Online or off, the LingoAce approach can’t be beaten! See Why

Schedule a complimentary appointment with our Education Team. Together, we’ll design a learning program customized to achieve your specific goals.

With our unique LingoAce Methodology and Student Experience, we make learning Chinese fun and easy. You’ll discover a whole new world of Chinese language and culture as you reach your goals faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

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Your Kids are Safe With KidSafe.

We know you worry about your child being online. That’s why LingoAce participates in the KidSafe certification and seal-of-approval program designed exclusively for children-friendly websites and technologies. KidSafe certification assures that LingoAce meets stringent safety and privacy standards for your peace of mind.

“We have been using LingoAce for a long time, the teacher always outlined the performance of my daughter and provides advice about how parents can help the kids after class. Now my daughter has fallen in love with online Chinese classes. As parents, we like the flexibility of taking class anywhere and anytime.”