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Every learner has different proficiency and needs. That is why we offer different curriculums, program,s and classes to make Chinese learning engaging and effective.


Advanced Program

Our syllabus is adapted from the new Chinese curriculum standards set by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, and we have designed and developed live-streaming classes that are synchronized with primary school Chinese lessons in China. Our lessons are designed to meet the needs of parents who want their children to receive Chinese curriculum education, it is suitable for students with strong listening and speaking skills to further improve their language knowledge and language literacy. This edition focuses on traditional Chinese culture and language application skills to help students understand complex texts, be able to discuss specific topics, and be able to accurately write personal opinions.

Discovery Program

Designed and developed specifically for Chinese bilingual learners with Chinese as the inherited language, comprehensively benchmarking the domestic and international authoritative K12 language and literature learning standards, combining the newly compiled primary school language new curriculum standards and CCSS ability requirements, and learning and accumulating systematic Chinese knowledge. Create and support, cultivate and establish language thinking ability as a way to comprehensively improve learners' comprehensive Chinese ability, reading ability and writing ability. Through the learning of Chinese knowledge and the cultivation of skills, train and improve the students' critical thinking skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as their understanding and recognition of Chinese culture. 

International Program

The curriculum is designed for learners who study Chinese as a second language. The knowledge and skills are benchmarked against domestic and international authoritative foreign language learning syllabuses and standards. The New Chinese Test for Elementary and Secondary School Students (YCT), the American Society for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), and the Common European Language Reference Standard (CEFR). The main goal is to cultivate and improve learners' basic Chinese listening and speaking skills, daily communication skills, and comprehensive oral expression skills; add basic Chinese character learning content to establish a preliminary foundation for learners' future Chinese character learning and Chinese reading. 

Pre-School Program

This course is specially designed to use the prime time of children's growth to learn a new language. Children aged 4-7 have their own unique needs at each stage. For example, children aged 4-5 have certain emotional needs. Children aged 5-7 are generally curious by nature, and they need tailor-made teaching styles.

During the course of development, the curriculum is divided into stages according to the "3-6 Years Old Children's Learning and Development Guide". The "multiple intelligence" is fully implemented in the teaching. The entire curriculum is designed to respect children's development and cognitive laws.

The selected words refer to the "Basic Character List for Literacy and Handwriting Teaching" formulated by People's Education Publishing House, and the selected sentence pattern is based on the outline of "YCT International Chinese Proficiency Standardized Test" 

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Unsure on which curriculum and level best suits your child?

We developed various curriculum and levels in order to best meet the unique learning goals and proficiencies of our young learners. Our Course Consultants are best equipped to recommend the most appropriate curriculum that suits your child’s needs.

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