Find the most-suitable program

Every learner has different proficiency and needs. That is why we offer different curriculums, program and classes to make Chinese learning engaging and effective.

Advanced Program

Aligned with China’s Ministry of Education syllabus 部编版《语文》, our Advanced program is perfect for parents still keen on exposing their child to the same rigor and pace of curriculum in China, or learners with a strong foundation in Chinese. This program focuses on cultural heritage and advanced application skills to help leaners comprehend even complex Chinese passages, discuss specific topics, and accurately write opinion pieces.

Bilingual Program

Align with globally-recognized Chinese education syllabus 《新双双中文教材》, this program aims to improve oral Chinese communication skills and comprehensive oral expression skills. They will systematically learn and improve the recognition, reading and writing of Chinese characters. More importantly the student to be taught to understand and comprehend the meaning, able to respond accurately and appropriately and able to express own knowledge, feelings and ideas about things. At the end of the program, students can expect to use Chinese thinking to understand the world and think about problems. 

International Program

Our engaging International program is built to directly correlate with the official Youth Chinese Test (YCT) syllabus, gradually progresses young learners’ skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The interactive lessons aim to encourage young learners to communicate fluently with confidence.

Pre-school Program

This program is specially designed to leverage the prime period to pick up a new language. Children ages 4-7 years old have unique needs at each stage e e.g. the emotional needs of a 4-5 year old compared to the inquisitive nature of a 5-7 year old, and require tailored teaching styles. Our program gels international recognised content such as YCT’s to spark their interest and love for the Chinese language.  

Unsure on which curriculum and level best suits your child?

We developed various curriculum and levels in order to best meet the unique learning goals and proficiencies of our young learners. Our Course Consultants are best equipped to recommend the most-appropriate fit. 

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