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Online Chinese Class

  • Learn Chinese online from certified native-speaking teachers

  • Designed for kids aged 3-15

  • MOE-aligned curriculum for ages 7-12

  • Learn anytime, anywhere!

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Blended Learning @Somerset

  • Learn Chinese from our native-speaking teachers

  • MOE-aligned curriculum for children aged 7-12

  • Experience the best of both learning environments: online and in-person

The LingoAce Method

Our unique teaching method tap into learners' imagination and creativity to make learning fun.

Both Parents and Students Love Our Classes!

LingoAce is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Meet our awesome teachers!

Our team of dedicated, certified, and passionate teachers are the heart of LingoAce. They provide a fun and fulfilling learning environment to bring out the best in every student.

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Leng Shuli

Teaching Chinese to speakers aging 4-13 of other languages since 2021

Jianghan University

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Liu Yanqin

8+ years of Singapore Local teaching and curriculum experience

Nanyang Technological University

teacher's photo

Sui Yang

10 years of teaching experiences in Singapore

Nanyang Technological University

teacher's photo

Liu Nian

Teaching Chinese to different country speakers of other languages since 2019

Chengdu Institute Sichuan International Studies University

teacher's photo

Roi Xu

Curriculum, Learning product and Linguistics Expert since 2015

National University of Singapore

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Li Hongpei

Teaching Chinese and English to students aged from 6-18 since 2013

Chengdu University of TCM

Hear From Our Learners and Parents

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My daughter's Chinese language skills and confidence have greatly improved since starting with LingoAce in July 2022. She now uses the language more frequently in daily conversations with us, and her recent exam scores have shown marked progress. I especially appreciate the well-planned structured materials for her offline learning, which have been highly effective for our daughter so we strongly recommend the program to any parent seeking quality Chinese language education for their child.

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Jessie, Singapore

Jessie, Learning Chinese since 2019

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My son has been learning Chinese with LingoAce for 8 months, and we're thrilled with the noticeable improvement he's made in his oral and writing skills, as well as his expanding vocabulary. The teachers are very attentive, and they make every class engaging and enjoyable for him. He's even excited to attend in-person classes on weekends. Thanks LingoAce!

student avatar

Wen Jie, Singapore

Wen Jie, Learning Chinese since 2020

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Prior to weekly attendance at LingoAce in Somerset, my daughter used to hate attending her Chinese class. But now, she's excited to go! Kimberly is super helpful with everything from her academic progress to her timetable. She even checked in on us when we were down with Covid to make sure my daughter didn't miss any makeup classes. I was skeptical at first, but now I've signed her up till PSLE. LingoAce has made a big impact on her learning experience, and I highly recommend it to any parent looking to help their child excel in Chinese.

student avatar

Yuan Yuan, Singapore

Yuan Yuan, Learning Chinese since 2021

the student's photo

My boys attend the P5 'Blending' classes every week, consisting of both 1.5 hour online lessons on weekdays and physical in-class sessions on weekends. They love the interaction with their teachers and enjoy learning Chinese. The revision notes provided have been helpful for them as well.

student avatar

Jia & Jun, Singapore

Jia & Jun, Learning Chinese since 2022

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I recently signed up my son for the LingoAce hybrid lessons in P5, and we couldn't be happier with the experience. While he enjoys both the physical and online lessons, he especially likes the physical lessons as he finds that he gets even better and more prompt explanations from the teacher in person. We really appreciate how well the lessons are structured and how the teacher is able to engage our son and keep him motivated.

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Ming Han, Singapore

Ming Han, Learning Chinese since 2020

the student's photo

LingoAce provides top-notch Chinese language education with engaging teachers and exceptional customer service. My child has made great progress in a fun, interactive learning environment and the dedicated team is always readily available to answer questions and ensure the best possible experience for every student. Highly recommended for high-quality Chinese language education.

student avatar

Xin Hui, Singapore

Xin Hui, Learning Chinese since 2022

the student's photo

Vannies was incredibly helpful and patient in getting everything sorted out for us, and the registration process was smooth sailing. Our kid hit it off with their assigned teacher right away, and the lessons were well-planned and at a perfect pace for our child.

student avatar

J.Ming, Singapore

J.Ming, Learning Chinese since 2021

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My Primary 3 daughter had been eagerly anticipating her first lesson with LingoAce. Signing up for the trial lesson was a simple process, and the teacher proved to be friendly and patient. The lessons themselves were highly interactive and engaging, I am surprised that the syllabus taught in LingoAce are on par with the standards in China. Overall, I highly recommend LingoAce as an excellent enrichment program suitable for children of all ages.

student avatar

Zoe Wang, Singapore

Zoe Wang, Learning Chinese since 2021

the student's photo

My child is drawn to the teacher's youthful enthusiasm. It is beneficial as it encourages her to attend the classes willingly. Now, even my younger son is expressing interest in attending classes after seeing his older sister's positive experience.

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Yanling Yong, Singapore

Yanling Yong, Learning Chinese since 2019

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The lessons are super fun and interactive, and my daughter loves them! One of the things I like is that I can join in and help her use the new words she learns in her daily life to make learning even more fun. Shout out to Vincent too for helping us sign up. LingoAce is a really cool platform to learn Chinese, and Liu Lao Shi is awesome - patient and encouraging all the way!

student avatar

Chloe, Singapore

Chloe, Learning Chinese since 2019

the student's photo

Thanks to the skills and patience of Teacher Ms. Li, my daughter who previously showed no interest in Chinese now has a newfound love for the language. Ms. Li's small group class setting creates a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment for my daughter. Now, my daughter eagerly awaits each lesson and is making great progress. Thank you, Teacher Ms. Li!

student avatar

Wei Ting, Singapore

Wei Ting, Learning Chinese since 2020

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The lesson is interactive and follows MOE syllabus. The teacher is very patient and nice! She is able to keep my boy engaged and interested throughout the lesson! She also teaches him the correct strokes to write Chinese characters. With her encouragement, my boy is more confident to answer in Mandarin. He totally enjoyed the session and shared that he would like to continue with the program! I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

student avatar

William, Singapore

William, Learning Chinese since 2019

the student's photo

Emmalyne has been with LingoAce since the start of her Primary School back in 2019, and as a parent from an English-speaking background, I had one key criterion: her Mandarin learning experience should be enjoyable. LingoAce has consistently delivered. Their trustworthy and dependable teachers engages Emmalyne well in class, making the lessons fun. This approach aligns perfectly with my belief that a joyful learning experience naturally leads to proficiency. The transition from preschool to primary school was a concern, but LingoAce ensured that learning remained fun and not just academic-driven. Emmalyne now speaks Mandarin confidently, even more so than her cousins. I've recommended LingoAce to many friends, especially those facing challenges in Mandarin-speaking at home like myself. It's worth trying and offers the convenience of learning Chinese from the comfort of your home.

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Emmalyne, Singapore

Emmalyne, Learning Chinese since 2019

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