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March Holiday Camp – A Strategic Holiday With WA1 Mock Tests & More!

By LingoAce SG Team |SG |February 24, 2024

LingoAce Happenings

March School Holiday Happenings: Chinese Writing Camp and WA1 Mock Test 

Are you a parent looking to make full use of the March School Holidays to give your child a headstart?

This March Holidays, LingoAce presents an exciting lineup of activities tailored to give your child a headstart in their academic journey. Among the highlights are the highly sought-after Chinese Composition Writing Camp, designed to refine language skills and foster creativity in written expression. Additionally, the Weighted Assessment 1 (WA1) Mock Test offers a valuable opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with exam formats and identify areas for improvement.

AL1 Chinese Composition Writing Camp (大师写作班 ) 

Firstly, our ever popular AL1 Chinese Composition Writing Camp is back, this time fully on-site at our LingoAce learning Center located at 111 Somerset Rd, #04-06! Suitable for children aged 8 to 12 (P2 to P6), the programme aims to help attendees master and excel in picture composition in just 3 short days with the use of the mind-map method in chinese composition writing.


Examples of topics covered in 中级班 (P2-P3)   - I have found a wallet 捡到钱包 - Helping others make me happy 助人为乐      Examples of topics covered in 高级 班 (P4-P6)   

- I lost my way 走失记 - One lesson that I’ve learnt 一个教训   

Through this camp, your child can expect to: 

Learning Outcome #1  

Discover the mind maps method, learn how to break down writing tasks and conquer writing challenges with ease  

Learning Outcome #2   

Learn vocabulary in a structured way, and combine it with scenarios to effortlessly transform words into sentences  

Learning Outcome #3   

Learn techniques and achieve logical flow in AL1 standard composition writing 

Location: 111 Somerset Rd, TripleOne Somerset #04-06, S238164 Date: 13-15 March 2024 Time: Choose from 10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm  Fee: SGD200/child     Duration: 3 days / 2 hours      Sign up before 8 March 2024 to get the early bird discount at SGD150/child 


Weighted Assessment (WA1) Mock Test 

As the Weighted Assessment 1 (WA1) approaches for primary school students, it becomes imperative for parents to guide their children through effective preparation. One crucial aspect of this preparation is the practice of mock tests, especially in subjects like Chinese as part of their PSLE examination revision to effectively assess their knowledge and readily for the upcoming exams!     These simulated exams not only help students identify their strengths and weaknesses but also familiarize them with the format of the papers. Early exposure to these conditions can significantly contribute to improved performance and confidence during the actual examinations. 

A key advantage of engaging in mock tests is the opportunity for students to refine their time management skills. With real-timed exam conditions, students learn to allocate their time wisely across different sections of the paper. This skill is crucial for ensuring that they can complete the exam within the allotted time frame, ultimately contributing to better scores. 

For parents seeking a comprehensive solution for their child's PSLE Chinese exam preparation, a full set of Chinese examination papers (P1-P6) is offered. These papers are administered under real-timed exam conditions, providing an authentic testing experience. Additionally, the service includes on-the-spot marking and a detailed performance analysis, allowing parents and students to identify specific areas of strength and improvement. 

The package goes beyond just test papers. It offers a 1-to-1 consultation with experienced course consultants and teachers. This personalized session aims to create a tailored study plan for each student based on their performance analysis. This approach ensures that the learning experience is not only focused on exam preparation but also on overall academic growth. 

Our WA1 Mock Test , which originally is priced at $30 (MCQ, reading & comprehension (worth SGD30) will now be offered at only $9.90 just for you! 

Additionally, from now till 10 March, sign up for one of our complimentary Chinese trial classes to claim our WA1 Mock test for FREE (worth $70 together)!     This limited-time offer of a complimentary trial class and a free WA1 Mock test adds an extra layer of value, making this preparation package an unbeatable deal for you and your child!    Location: 111 Somerset Rd, TripleOne Somerset #04-06, S238164 Date: 11-15 March 2024 Time: Choose from 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm daily  Fee: SGD9.90/child or waived if child attends free trial class    Duration: 1 hour (P1-P4), 1.5 hour (P5,P6)    Sign up before 10 March 2024 to get the EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION FOR FREE! 


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