We have the best-in-class curriculum 

Unlike other e-learning platforms, our curriculum is fully developed in-house by
 our global team of curriculum experts
 and creative designers. This means we provide the most enriching learning experience – fully personalized for
 your child. 


We have a global team of curriculum experts

Our internationally based curriculum experts integrate their global perspectives to build content customized to our learners. 

Combining the study of Chinese with a global perspective creates an immersive and creative experience for learners. 

The result? Highly engaging and effective lessons that meet the unique learning needs of our young learners worldwide.

We are partners with Peking University Press

We are a proud strategic long-term partner of Peking University Press, one of the largest academic publishers in China known for its 
high-quality textbooks.

This partnership provides our curriculum experts with access to best-in-class materials such as poems, authentic Chinese cultural stories, and songs.

module 3

Our Singapore programs are aligned with《欢乐伙伴》syllabus set by Singapore Ministry of Education

To meet the different needs, ages, and goals of our young learners, our curriculum experts and creative designers work together to develop a wide variety of programs and classes. We have different programs designed to help learners build a strong foundation in Chinese, enhance their language skills, and ace in their exams. Click here to find out more about the programs available.

We make Chinese learning fun! 

From curriculum to courseware, there is a lot of preparation that goes into creating and updating each class.


Ask Our Curriculum Experts

An immersive environment
Children learn best in an immersive environment where they constantly hear and speak the language they are learning. At LingoAce, we provide an immersive online experience where teachers follow a rigorous curriculum so your child can build a strong foundation in Chinese.

Practice after class
Your child should practice Chinese as much as possible after class. Apart from speaking Chinese as much as possible, we encourage your child to do their homework. Our online interactive and offline homework are given and reviewed each lesson. Each homework is methodologically created to reinforce the retention of lesson concepts and difficult words. We also incorporate color psychology in our homework to keep our learners engaged.

Get in touch with the culture
Expose your child to the culture by watching Chinese TV programs or movies, or attending festivals in your local neighborhood. Some libraries in communities with a large Chinese population also hold events during Chinese holidays. Check out our blog post for some suggested reads

Aligned with globally accredited standards
Our curriculum is designed using global standards and benchmarks like the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL), Youth Chinese Test (YCT), Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), China Ministry of Education, Singapore Ministry of Education, and 21st Century Skills.

Engaging and interactive design
We take a learner-first approach when designing our curriculum. Using vivid illustrations, interactive games, and engaging stories, we give learners the practice they need to learn Chinese.

Effective and high-quality curriculum
Our curriculum undergoes user-based testing and before launch so our curriculum is of the highest possible quality.

Learner first environment
From learning methods, lesson scheduling, learning duration and progress tracking, we are with you and your child to ensure an authentic, effective, convenient and transparent learning environment.

Please see The LingoAce Difference.

Effective lesson plan
From curriculum creation to courseware, we make sure each lesson plan is constantly assessed and updated to integrate the latest teaching methods and research.

Please see We make Mandarin Chinese learning fun.

Transparent progress reports and playback
We involve parents through regular detailed reports with performance insights, strengths, and areas to work on. Playback of each class provides parents a non-invasive way to personally assess the learning progress.

As a gauge, please see the intended learning results of our New Foundation Program Level 1 in the chart below. For the program, we start with everyday topics aimed to help learners build a good foundation with Chinese language skills.

In 2 weeks,
children can
greet others;
introduce themselves;
say thank you;
count to ten.
In 4 weeks,
children can
introduce family members;
respond to short questions;
learn to write a few basic characters.
In 3 months,
children can
talk about likes and dislikes;
share information about their ages, friends and families;
read 5 short, simple Chinese books.
In 6 months,
children can
have short conversations about hobbies and food;
describe others’ appearance and tell the date and time;
read 10 simple Chinese books with visual support.

Our teachers are responsible for the outcomes of each class, and welcome discussion after the teaching objectives have been achieved. If there is time left over, learners may ask for help on school homework and assignments.

Learners will be able to preview the key knowledge to be learnt in each class in the PREVIEW module of our in-house platform such as the website portal, parent and student apps.

Should you have any further questions or require any assistance, you may reach out to us at www.lingoace.com/sg/contact/

Should you have any further questions or require any assistance, you may reach out to us at www.lingoace.com/sg/contact/

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