Learning with LingoAce

Online learning might be new to some, but we’ve been at it for years to have optimized a seamless experience focused on learning itself.

Our personalized, efficient and effective student journey

Chinese learning with LingoAce is personalized, efficient and effective. We also believe this is best experienced by student and parent themselves through a trial class!   

1. Assessment & Planning


Post your trial class sign-up, our Course Consultant will get in touch to enquire about your child’s existing Chinese proficiency and goals, and your expectations as a parent.

A personalized learning plan will then be developed with more information shared regarding the most suitable program and teacher

2. Attend the Trial Class

attend the trial class

A trial class will be booked based on your availability with guidance on IT-set up prior to the class

3. Completed the trial?

complete trial

Post-trial, our Teacher and Course Consultants will share a report with insights on your child’s strengths and areas to work on

Here’s where you may decide if LingoAce is the right choice. Remember that up to this point, there is no payment made yet!

4. Continue with LingoAce?

continue with lingoace

Hooray! Here’s when payment is made. After which, a service crew comprising of Course Consultant, Teacher, Learning Advisor and Tech Support will be dedicated to you to support your entire LingoAce journey. This includes arranging classes, sharing timetables and progress reports, and any further timely support that you may require.

How to schedule lessons with LingoAce moving forward

Simply get in touch with your assigned Learning Advisor for a personalised service, or directly schedule the classes via our platform based on the following steps.

1. Log in


Sign in to your own account

2. Select a desired timing

select time

Select the preferred time slot

3. Select teacher

select teacher

Choice from a panel of passionate and professional teachers available at that time slot

4. Book Class(es)

book class

Confirm and book the class. Classes can be cancelled a day in advance, without penalty, to accommodate any changes in your schedule

5. Attend Class

attend class

15 minutes before the confirmed timing, you can enter the classroom and be ready for an interactive class time.

Worry-free payment at LingoAce

Our trial experience is free – no registration fees and zero deposit.

After a satisfactory experience, parents can choose from a transparent fee structure at LingoAce. Each class is redeemable using a class credit. Class credits can be purchased in varied sizes of packages to cater for different needs.

There is no expiry to the class credits, so parents do not have to worry about unused credits and may schedule classes according to their child’s progress and availability. In addition, we also support no-questions-asked refund policy.

1. Decide the top-up amount

sufficient amount

Select the number of class credit from our platform or contact your Course Consultant or Learning Advisor with your desired class package and class

2. Making payment

payment online

Our platform will request for the appropriate billing information – we currently accept online payment methods and any valid credit card. If you have contacted our course consultant, the consultant or Learning Advisor will provide the payment link to you

3. Adding class credits

add class points

Upon confirming the payment, your account will be updated with the relevant class credits. It will be shown on your dashboard.

Four-to-one LingoAce services arrangement

It certainly takes a village to raise a child. Whilst our live-teaching takes place online, we dedicate a crew of 4 to each child and parent to ensure their learning needs are well taken-care of.  

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