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Every learner has different proficiency and needs. That is why we offer different curriculums, program and classes to make Chinese learning engaging and effective.


Programs & Curriculums

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Singapore Online Program

Fully aligned and synchronized with Singapore’s Ministry of Education syllabus 《欢乐伙伴》and pace, our program gears Primary 1 to Primary 4 young learners in towards the Primary Six Leaving Examination (PSLE) through bite-sized and engaging means.

These days, our young learners exposure to the Chinese language is typically limited to the few classroom hours where the teacher-student ratio of 1:40. Traditional Chinese enrichment are typically focussed on boring rote-learning or are held in large class sizes that cannot be tailored to engage our young learners.

Benchmarked to Chinese PSLE scoring requirements, our lessons accumulatively builds our learners’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through tech-enhanced, visually-simulating and interactive learning. We appreciate the overwhelming nature of current enrichment offers and designed 55-min live classes, held twice a week, to increase our learners Chinese-learning frequency in the comforts of their homes. Our 1-to1 or 1-to-4 class and engaging illustrative content, make Chinese-learning more conducive and inviting.

Singapore Blended Program

Our Blended Learning programme complements Singapore’s Ministry of Education syllabus and school learning. The programme targets to prepare Primary 4 to Primary 6​ young learners for examination excellence in their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) through honing of examination skills and application of techniques.

Our Blended Learning model allows our learners to learn via both online and offline platforms. Every week, our learners will have one 1.5hrs of online lesson and one 1.5hrs of offline lesson. Online lessons will be the ‘learn’ phase whereby our learners will learn examination skills and techniques. Offline lessons will be the ‘Apply’ and ‘Relearn’ phases whereby our young learners will apply the skills and techniques learnt during online lessons and teachers will reteach and reinforce the gaps that our learners have.

Our Blended Learning curriculum aims to enrich learning experiences and support academic performance. Our curriculum builds our learners’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through skills-based modules. These modules facilitate deep learning and increase potential for our learners to level up and experience more successes in their learning.

Primary 4 (Middle Primary) – Language structure and language skills 

This program is designed to continue build on students' Chinese Language structure and also to teach them the Chinese language skills required for Middle Primary. ​

  • Comprehension: Ability to master the answering skills and templates of the different question types​
  • Composition: Ability to analyze pictures, and to craft composition based on the 4 pictures​
  • Oral: Ability to organize their opinions and feelings for conversation topics based on pictures given​
  • Language Use: Ability to read and write the Chinese characters in MOE Primary 4 textbooks, and apply them in different language use questions​

Primary 5 & 6 (Upper Primary) – Exam skills and techniques ​

The program targets to prepare Primary 5 and Primary 6 young learners for examination excellence in their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) through honing of examination skills and application of techniques. ​

  • Comprehension: Ability to identify various questions types and make sure of the intended skills and techniques to answer the questions in full​
  • Composition: Ability to apply rhetorical devices such as hyperbole, simile and metaphor to enhance the expressiveness of the composition​
  • Oral: Ability to include descriptors to express video content eloquently. Able to express personal views based on given theme eloquently​
  • Language Use: Ability to apply the right vocabulary into a context​

Pre-School Program

This course is specially designed to use the prime time of children's growth to learn a new language. Children aged 4-6 have their own unique needs at each stage. For example, children aged 4-5 have certain emotional needs. Children aged 5-6 are generally curious by nature, and they need tailor-made teaching styles. 

During the course of development, the curriculum is divided into stages according to the "3-6 Years Old Children's Learning and Development Guide". The "multiple intelligence" is fully implemented in the teaching. The entire curriculum is designed to respect children's development and cognitive laws. 

Our pre-school program offers undivided 1-1 private tutor attention for focused, live Chinese language teaching. With high learning frequency and a game-like atmosphere to increase your child’s level of enjoyment and drive high level of learning motivation.

Advanced Program

Our syllabus is adapted from the new Chinese curriculum standards set by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, and we have designed and developed live-streaming classes that are synchronized with primary school Chinese lessons in China. Our lessons are designed to meet the needs of parents who want their children to receive Chinese curriculum education, it is suitable for students with strong listening and speaking skills to further improve their language knowledge and language literacy. This edition focuses on traditional Chinese culture and language application skills to help students understand complex texts, be able to discuss specific topics and be able to accurately write personal opinions.

Bilingual Program

Designed and developed specifically for Chinese bilingual learners with Chinese as the inherited language, comprehensively benchmarking the domestic and international authoritative K12 language and literature learning standards, combining the newly compiled primary school language new curriculum standards and CCSS ability requirements, and learning and accumulating systematic Chinese knowledge. Create and support, cultivate and establish language thinking ability as a way to comprehensively improve learners' comprehensive Chinese ability, reading ability and writing ability. Through the learning of Chinese knowledge and the cultivation of skills, train and improve the students' critical thinking skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as their understanding and recognition of Chinese culture. 

International Program

The curriculum is designed for learners who study Chinese as a second language. The knowledge and skills are benchmarked against domestic and international authoritative foreign language learning syllabuses and standards. The New Chinese Test for Elementary and Secondary School Students (YCT), the American Society for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), and the Common European Language Reference Standard (CEFR). The main goal is to cultivate and improve learners' basic Chinese listening and speaking skills, daily communication skills, and comprehensive oral expression skills; add basic Chinese character learning content to establish a preliminary foundation for learners' future Chinese character learning and Chinese reading. 


Unsure on which curriculum and level best suits your child?

We developed various curriculum and levels in order to best meet the unique learning goals and proficiencies of our young learners. Our Course Consultants are best equipped to recommend the most appropriate curriculum that suits your child’s needs.

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