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In this lively video series, children will have fun picking up simple Mandarin Chinese vocabulary through catchy songs with fun animation. Sing along to the catchy tunes and learn some new words together!

Episode 1 –
Vegetables & Watermelon Song

Fruits and vegetables come to life in this entertaining video! Young learners will learn how to say the Chinese words for “vegetables” and “watermelon”. Watch the video and sing along now!

Episode 2 – Plant Growing Song

Young learners can watch a seed grow into a sapling
and then a tree! They can even learn the Chinese names for each of the seed’s growth stage. Watch the video to
learn more now!

Episode 3 – Cow & Horse Animals Song

How about venturing into the meadow to see animals?
In this animated video, young learners can get up close with their favorite animals and learn their Chinese names. Catch the video now!

Episode 4 – Counting Bananas Song

Through the interaction between three children and a monkey, young learners can learn how to count to four in Chinese easily. They can even count along to this change in Chinese! Watch the video and sing along now!

Episode 5 – Banana & Strawberry Song

Young learners get to understand how sharing their favorite fruits will allow a friendship to blossom. Most importantly, they will be given an opportunity to learn some of their favorite fruits in Chinese as well. Watch
the video to find out more!

Episode 6 – Candies & Numbers Song

Get ready to be captivated by the animated sweet treats and catchy Chinese tunes in this lively video. Young learners will be delighted to learn how to count with
their favorite treats — Candies! This upbeat song will satisfy their sweet tooth. Catch the video now!

Episode 7 – Easy Colors Song

Young learners are always mesmerized by colors and now they will be able to identify their favorite hue in Chinese with this lively video. Watch the video now!

Episode 8 – Fun Sports & Games Song

Want to keep fit and stay healthy? How about participating in some fun sports and games? Young learners can hum along to the catchy nursery tunes as they learn how to say their favorite sports in Mandarin! Watch the video to learn more now!

Episode 9 – Simple Shapes Song

Do you have a favorite shape? Join the bunnies as
they teach young learners to identify various shapes
in everyday objects. Watch the video to find out more!

Episode 10 – Actions Song

Have fun learning everyday actions in Chinese! With
lively animation and catchy nursery tunes, young learners get to groove along as they learn new words. Watch the video and sing along now!

Episode 11 – Transportation Song

Learn the different modes of transportation in Chinese! Young learners will be spoilt for choice when deciding how to get to their next adventure. Watch the video to learn more now!

Episode 12 – Delicious Breakfast Song

Young learners will be exposed to different foods for breakfast in Chinese! Let’s sing along and find out what delicious breakfast we can eat when the sun rises.
Watch the video now!