Our Teachers

Passionate, professional, and proactive - our teachers are invested in your child's success.

Our teachers make all the difference

Our experienced teachers have a wealth of experience teaching learners online and hold prestigious degrees from leading universities worldwide, ensuring your child's success in learning the language.

What Sets Our Teachers Apart

Our teachers are experienced, certified professionals who hold a bachelor's degree or higher.

A High Level of Language Proficiency

Our teachers know the language they teach fluently and have a deep understanding of the culture behind the language.

Meet Li Qiong, our Chinese teacher

Certified With a Proven Track Record

Our teachers have international accreditations or certifications plus years of experience teaching young children.

Meet Liu Yunhe, our LingoAce Chinese teacher

We Set the Bar Higher

Strict hiring process

We look for teachers who can lead by example with their actions, words, and behaviors. Each teacher must also pass a multi-level assessment before they teach in our classrooms.

Holistic training

Our approach to training is comprehensive, covering psychology, methodology, communication, technology, and cultural nuances.

Routine assessments

We review classes regularly to monitor our teachers' day-to-day performance to ensure every learner has a great experience.

Continuous upskilling

We are lifelong learners with an open mind. We keep our finger on the pulse of the latest language learning pedagogies and virtual classroom recommendations through training, seminars, and industry conferences.

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