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Whilst our curriculum is engaging and interactive, we approach education very seriously. Our teaching philosophy is to enrich every learning moment of our global young learners. Sharing the same considerations as our parents, we go the extra mile in the qualification of teachers, development of curriculum, and level of service support to do the right thing for our learners. This even stretches to details such as the font choices in our curriculum to ensure authentic Chinese learning, and the kidSAFE® certification of our platform as child-friendly.

Such considerations from both the perspective of our learners and parents, are what makes us the choice provider for over 100,000 parents – read more about our founder’s personal motivation to establish LingoAce for fellow parents and their children after numerous disappointing experiences.

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Language is a means of connection. We firmly believe in connecting with our young learners by firstly recognising their individual learning styles, emotional, social, and engagement needs. By appreciating the evolution of learning needs based on today’s digital natives, we are able to deliver a personal touch and tailor an effective and motivating language-learning experiences.

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