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Must-watch 12 Mandarin Chinese dramas for children

By LingoAce Team |US |May 10, 2022

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Watching Mandarin Chinese dramas is a delightful method to introduce your children to genuine native-like conversations. Dramas generally focus upon character conversation and speech. As a result, they are an excellent language learning aid. Many parents nowadays make their children watch Mandarin Chinese dramas to learn the language. 

Families without access to a Mandarin Chinese-speaking community should rely on screens to assist their children in learning the language. The essential thing, though, is to choose something you love watching. This makes learning more enjoyable and gives you the desire to be consistent. 


Here are 12 must-watch Chinese dramas for children 

1. Rainbow Ruby(彩虹宝宝) 

Ruby, a little girl, is the protagonist of the drama. It begins at her home, where she is approached by the Rainbow village mayor, Ling Ling, who requests her assistance. She gets ready fast and travels to the hamlet with the aid of her beloved teddy bear, 'Choco.'  

From becoming a lifeguard to teaching the mayor Ling Ling to swim and keeping everyone safe from monsters, Ruby felt like a savior to everyone. Indeed, this drama will invoke the interest among children to learn the dialogues and start role-playing as a savior themselves.  

2. The Monkey King Uproar in Heaven(大闹天宫)

This story is about a monkey that rebels against the Jade Emperor of Heaven. The story takes place on an island called the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. The Monkey King can be seen throughout the show on his quest for a suitable weapon and his adventures in Heaven. This show will truly be exciting and fruitful for your child. 

3. Boonie Bears: Blast into the Past (熊出没原始时代) 

This drama is based on two characters, Briar and Bramble, as they embark on an adventure in the past and get separated from one another. They run across many problems as they strive to get back together. They have new enemies to contend with, as well as new allies, such as FeiFei, a bold wolf. Likewise, they devote all of their work to preventing Logger Vick from damaging their lovely woodland retreat.  

The drama is China's most popular children's show. It will undoubtedly be a hit with your children.

4.  SuperBOOMi (超级小熊布迷) 

The episodes of this show, like those of Boonie Bears, are brief and intended for children aged 4 to 8. It follows a little hero and his companion trying to defend a toy from a terrible villain. This animation incorporates elements of history, mythology, and technology. 

5. GG Bond (猪猪侠) 

GG Bond is a Chinese 3D drama based on a pig hero born with superpowers and utilizes them to solve issues he faces. The wonderful part about this Chinese children's drama is that it covers difficult issues like overcrowding, deforestation, homelessness, and so on in a child-friendly way. Every episode has a moral lesson at the conclusion. Watch this if you want your children to develop excellent morals and practice Mandarin Chinese. 

6. CoNaBlue (海豚帮帮号) 

It is great for second language speakers because it is aimed at a younger age range (between 2 to 6 years old). It uses adventure to explain complex concepts such as science and emotional intelligence (EQ). It follows a group of people as they face problems worldwide with the help of a rare dolphin with various EQ talents. It focuses on teaching children how to solve issues as a team. This is one of the best Chinese dramas to learn Mandarin Chinese. 

7. Magic Matin (百变马丁)

It is a Shanghai-based cartoon that is a continuation of an anime series. It is based on a 7-year-old boy and is slightly longer than previous dramas indicated at 24 minutes. As a result, your child will undoubtedly identify with him and his exploits. Every morning, he transforms into a new person, a new persona, and embarks on a new fantastical adventure. 

8. Big Fish & Begonia(大鱼海棠) 

The artwork, narrative, and surprising plot all work together to create a captivating image of the worlds of humans, non-humans, living, and dead people. The script is written in basic Mandarin Chinese, yet it is nonetheless incredibly touching. It touches on some philosophical themes that will have you thinking long after the credits have rolled.  

The narrative is about a little girl who lives in an underground world hidden from humanity, and it is based on a fable from an old Chinese Taoist classic. She must spend a week in the human world as a red dolphin, avoiding contact with humans as a ritual of passage to adulthood. She will spend the next seven days observing this realm and how the laws of her own universe apply there. 

9. Little Door Gods (小门神) 

When a competitor tries to ruin a Chinese family's dumpling soup restaurant, two ghost guardians come out of retirement to protect them. This drama has high-quality animation, adorable character designs, and a compelling plot. The dialogues in this drama are basic, conversational, and easy to grasp for young Mandarin Chinese learners.  

For extremely young children, the story's villain (Nián) may frighten children a bit. In classic Chinese legends, the Nián, which translates to "Year," was a monster. Each New Year, Nián emerged from its home to harm humans. 

10. Pleasant Goat and Big Wolf (喜羊羊与灰太狼) 

This is another popular Chinese drama to learn Mandarin Chinese. As the goats strive to outwit one other, the characters find themselves in a lot of trouble. The show follows a herd of goats living in a lush green pasture known as green grassland. Since words are repeated in Mandarin Chinese for emphasis, this is the case. The plot centers on a ferocious wolf who intends to devour them. 

11. The Stories of Avanti(阿凡提的故事) 

Avanti, or Effendi, is a Chinese cartoon that is about a man named Nasreddin who plays the role of helping the poor and punishing the rich and greedy.  

Avanti is a polite way of calling someone “sir” in Turkish, which is explained by the fact that Uyghurs believe he comes from Turkistan. Though the show is quite old, it is still one of the most loved and best Mandarin Chinese cartoon series. 

12. On Happiness Road(幸福路上) 

Even though the narrative can be a little overwhelming at times, the script is crafted so beautifully that, in the end, all the separate threads come together for an emotional ending that gives the viewers butterflies.  

Lin Hsu Chi from Taiwan, born in the mid-1970s is now married and lives in America, is the protagonist of the drama. She goes back to her old family's house on the titular Happiness Road in Xinzhuang, a suburb of Taipei, to assist with the funeral of her grandmother (who is of indigenous Amis heritage). She encounters a young living guy on the eve of her homecoming who changes her life forever. Disney's The Little Mermaid has never looked so good. 

Watching Chinese dramas to learn Mandarin Chinese can also help your child better understand Chinese culture while at the same time reinforcing what they are studying in Mandarin Chinese textbooks and classes. It can also help them improve their listening skills and teach them conversational Mandarin Chinese and accent.  


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