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4 key considerations to choose the right Chinese class for your kids

By LingoAce Team |US |May 23, 2023

Learning Chinese

Learning a new language is a valuable skill that can open many doors for your child, especially in today's globalized world. Chinese, with over a billion speakers worldwide, is one of the most useful languages to learn. If you're considering enrolling your child in Chinese classes, it is essential to choose the right program. Let’s look at some key considerations to help you choose the right learning experience for your child. 

Age-Appropriate Curriculum 

When choosing a Chinese language program for your child, it is crucial to consider their age and learning style. Children have different learning styles and abilities, and an age-appropriate curriculum can help make the learning process easier and more engaging. For young children, an age-appropriate curriculum is essential. Programs that use games, songs, and interactive activities to make language learning fun and engaging can be very effective for young children.  Older children may prefer a more structured approach, such as textbook-based lessons. They may benefit from a more challenging curriculum that includes reading and writing Chinese characters. It is important to choose a program that matches your child's interests and abilities. One of the most significant challenges in teaching Chinese to young children is the complexity of the language, especially the writing system. Chinese has over 50,000 characters, but only about 3,500 of these are commonly used. Learning these characters can be overwhelming for young children, which is why it is crucial to choose a Chinese class that uses age-appropriate teaching methods. 

At LingoAce, we understand that every learner is unique — starting at different levels, each with their own goals and distinct personalities! That is why we work with you to find the right teacher and curriculum for your child. 

Teaching Methodology 

Different Chinese language classes use different teaching methods, such as immersion, traditional classroom teaching, or online courses. It is vital to consider which teaching method will be most effective for your child's learning style. Immersion programs are an excellent way to learn Chinese, as they provide a complete immersion experience. In an immersion program, the child is surrounded by the Chinese language and culture, which can help them learn the language more quickly.  To ensure the best learning outcome possible, LingoAce classes are immersive and, each class is taught in Chinese at your child’s proficiency level using real-world scenarios and conversations.​ ​​ 

Class Size and Student-Teacher Ratio 

The class size and student-teacher ratio can significantly impact the quality of education. Smaller class sizes and lower student-teacher ratios allow for more personalized attention and interaction, which can lead to better learning outcomes. Ideally, a Chinese language program should have a student-teacher ratio of no more than 10:1. This allows for more individualized attention and interaction, which can help children learn more effectively. It is also important to consider the size of the class. Smaller classes provide a more intimate learning environment, which can be more conducive to learning. When considering the class size and student-teacher ratio, it is important to consider your child's learning style and needs. Some children may do better in smaller classes with more individual attention, while others may thrive in larger classes with more opportunities for interaction with other students. 

Reputation of the Program 

Do your research to ensure that the Chinese language program you choose has a good reputation and qualified teachers. Check online reviews, ask for references, and verify the credentials of the teachers and program administrators. 

A good Chinese language program should have experienced and qualified teachers who are fluent in both Chinese and English. The program should also have a good reputation for providing high-quality education and achieving good learning outcomes. 

To ensure the best possible learning experience for our students, LingoAce only works with teachers that have years of experience teaching children virtually. They graduated from top universities around the globe and are professionally certified to teach Chinese and English as a second language. 

As you can see, choosing the right Chinese class for your child requires careful consideration of several factors, including age-appropriate curriculum, teaching methodology, class size, student-teacher ratio, and the reputation of the program. 

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